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Outliner Online is the free online companion to CarbonFin Outliner which allows you to. Sync your outlines - You will always have a safe backup. Edit your outlines - Create and update your outlines with a full-sized keyboard. The thing I love about OmniOutliner is the fact that each row of data in the hierarchy can have multiple columns, which is very convenient UI for structured data. CherryTree doesn't support this. Guest • Dec • 6 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree Agree; Free Open Source Windows Linux Powerful outliner for Windows Available for free. With UV Outliner you can create to-do lists, plans and schedules, collect and organize ideas, brainstorm, plan your trips, record meeting minutes, track expenses, write novels and much more! One-pane outline.

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It doesn't matter how many ideas you have if you can't connect them. To turn those scattered concepts into a finished product, you're going to need a coherent plan.

They're the blueprint for what you want to write, say, present, or create. The best outlining tools make it easy to log your ideas, arrange your arguments, and pull everything together into a polished framework. Here are 20 of the best outlining tools to help you scope out your next post, project, or speech.

Outlines are just bullet points with some extra structure, outliner windows. They're lists of ideas and things you want to work on.

And you don't need anything fancy to build one—a word processor or plain text writing app could do the job. But first-rate outlining apps handle the organization of your plan, so you can concentrate on the ideas. These are the features we looked for when choosing apps for this roundup:, outliner windows.

Ready to find your new favorite outlining app? Here outliner windows the most outstanding options that we found:, outliner windows. If your notes tend to go all over outliner windows page—rather than following a traditional linear format—try Microsoft OneNote.

This app gives you total freedom over what goes where: add notes to the middle of the page, stick images and quotes next to related content, and rearrange things whenever you want. For a deeper look at OneNote features and pricing plans, check out our OneNote review.

See OneNote integrations on Zapier. Is your list getting too bloated? Export specific nodes into their own lists. You can even automatically sort the sub-items within a node and assign nodes specific tags and colors. For a deeper look at Checkvist's features and pricing plans, check out our Checkvist review. See Checkvist Integrations on Zapier. In Toodledoadding new items to an outline and indenting them is as simple as pressing Enter and Tab.

For a deeper look at Toodledo features and pricing plans, check out our Toodledo review. See Toodledo Integrations on Zapier. And Smartsheet takes this outliner windows step further by letting you create visual hierarchies. And there's no limit on how many child rows you can create, outliner windows, so your sub-notes can have sub-notes, and those sub-notes can have sub-notes, and those sub-notes can have sub-notes—you get the gist. Of course, you can also use comments to collaborate with your teammates: Smartsheet also has customizable sharing options, so you can assign different editing privileges to each recipient.

For a deeper look at Smartsheet features and pricing outliner windows, check out our Smartsheet review. See Smartsheet integrations on Zapier. To further organize your notes, you can add tags with a symbol. For example, you might add more to every place in your speech outline that needs more detail, or priority for the items on your outline that deserve your attention first.

When you want to hit the ground running, try Little Outliner. To enter text, you simply click and type. To collapse a bullet, double-click it; to outliner windows it, double-click again.

Rearranging outliner windows is a little less intuitive and requires outliner windows complex mouse action. When you first open OmniOutlinerit looks pretty similar to your basic word processor. From the basic font type, size, and color down to the amount of outliner windows between each row and the height of each line, OmniOutliner gives you total control. And bonus, if you choose to send it to Word, your style and formatting choices will outliner windows over perfectly, outliner windows.

Tree offers a unique outline structure: instead of building your notes vertically—with one bullet stacked on top of the next—this app lets you build them horizontally, outliner windows.

There are a couple extra ways to view your notes, outliner windows. When you want to work on a specific section in isolation, Tree lets you open it in a new tab. If you want to switch to the outliner windows vertical format for a bit, outliner windows, use the toggle option to flip your outline.

Cloud Outliner syncs with your Mac, iOS devices, and Evernote account—which means you can start an outline on your laptop, add a couple notes on your phone, and rearrange it on your iPad. Cloud Outliner also outliner windows automatic numbering, drag-and-drop outliner windows rearrangement, and customizable text styles, outliner windows. You can even switch the outliner windows from light to dark, or work in fullscreen or landscape mode.

When you come across a chunk of text you want to copy, highlight it with your mouse and click the extension button. And OutlineEdit stores your highlight history, so you can grab multiple pieces of text before sending them, all at once, to your notes. This feature alone makes OutlineEdit worth using. However, the app has a couple more unique options. Highlight a part of your outline from one word to the whole thingthen add your category. When you find an outlining app that lets you add notes to each row, bullet point, or numeral, outliner windows, cherish it—because not many apps offer this feature.

CarbonFin is one of the few. But why, exactly, is that so useful? Well, when each item in your outline is fairly detailed or lengthy, outliner windows, pushing those details into a note will make your outline easier on the eyes, outliner windows. By default, CarbonFin shows you a little preview of each note but you can turn that feature off to outliner windows your outline squeaky clean.

CarbonFin will hide everything in your outline but the headings. No more clicking around for the right formatting options. And outliner windows further hone your focus, UV Outliner has two modes: one outliner windows entering text, and one for moving stuff around. Speaking of focus, you can also move specific chunks of your outline into their own windows. Touches like these outliner windows UV Outliner a solid option for uni-taskers.

Scrivener is a popular writing tool among the book-writing community, since it lets you break down large, hard-to-organize projects into separate files. The interface makes it easy to flesh out ideas, outliner windows, arrange sections, and finally combine them again into one big file. In this mode, you can see all of the files in a specific collection.

You could stop there, and simply organize your folders, outliner windows. Or, you could drill down into the specific documents in your folders.

Along with moving them around, you can edit their titles and summaries, view their word and character counts, and assign them statuses and tags. Basically, the outliner mode works like a flexible table of contents that you can edit. Ulysses and Manuscripts are also options for crafting longform content, though without Scrivener's dedicated outline and notes modes. Mellel lets you create a unique style and format for every heading level. So, for example, you could put every level 1 header in size 42 bold Arial font, every outliner windows 2 header in size 35 italicized Lucida font, and so on.

You can choose to hide specific sections, move sections around, or delete them. These functions probably sound familiar. Once all your ideas are on paper, its outlining turns those thoughts into a coherent, outliner windows, organized flow. You can also merge and split your outlines, link two outlines together, add images and files, distinguish sections by color, and more, outliner windows. MindJet Manager and MindNode are two other mind-mapping apps that can be used to make outlines.

Like FoldingText, Oak is a plain text outliner that uses Markdown-style formatting, outliner windows. If you want to group related items from different sections together, outliner windows, give them a common tag. Clicking a tag link will show you every line that contains outliner windows specific tag.

WhizFolders might not win any beauty contests, but the usefulness of its split-screen layout makes up for the clunky interface. The left side of the screen displays all of your headings in a hierarchical list, just like a traditional outline. The right side, however, shows you a single section in all its glory—not just its headings and sub-headings, outliner windows, but their accompanying text. At any point in time, merge the two sides of the screen together to see your full outline.

Word processor apps don't pack the same bells and whistles as the outlining apps above, but they're likely where your outline will eventually end up. If it's a lightweight project, why not consolidate? Here are some word processors with outlining options. Evernote acts as your trapper-keeper for any note, idea, outliner windows, or file that you might want to reference later. It's a basic word processor with powerful search capabilities that are easy to personalize.

And if you're gathering research materials for a outliner windows, it's tough to beat Evernote's organizational prowess. They also make building and sharing outlines easy. Outliner windows by creating a note for each item in your outline, filling them with relevant details and research. If you find something online that you want to include in your research, use the Evernote Web Clipper to save any webpage as a note.

The main benefit is linking between your reference materials. Evernote lets you snag a link to any note in your account, which you can incorporate into your outline. On the desktop app, just right-click on a note and choose "Copy Note Link"; on the web app, choose a note and click the "…" icon, then select "Copy Note Link", outliner windows.

Tip: By default on the desktop app, the copied link will point to the web version of Evernote. If you're a dedicated desktop user, right-click then hold down the "Option" key to reveal a "Copy Classic Note Link" option, outliner windows, which will direct you to that note in your desktop app.

Creating that interwoven structure with links keeps your outline clean, while allowing you to expand on concepts and research in a separate space. Gathering your research and reference materials is half the work of making an outline, outliner windows. By pairing Evernote with Zapier—an app automation tool—you can feed materials to your notebooks while you work.



outliner windows


Apr 09,  · If it wasn't for his lack of importing/exporting features, I would certainly go for uvOutliner. For now, I'm stuck with Java Outline Editor (JOE) which still make for a great single-pane and light-weight outliner. It is cross platform and openSource, allow for import/export in OPML, OML, TXT and HTML (with customizable CSS formating)/5(20). Powerful outliner for Windows Available for free. With UV Outliner you can create to-do lists, plans and schedules, collect and organize ideas, brainstorm, plan your trips, record meeting minutes, track expenses, write novels and much more! One-pane outline. Mar 24,  · Speaking of focus, you can also move specific chunks of your outline into their own windows. Touches like these make UV Outliner a solid option for uni-taskers. UV Outliner Price: Free. Scrivener (Mac, Windows) Best for: turning outlines into longform contentAuthor: Aja Frost.