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Science News for Students is an award-winning, online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate, topical science news to learners, parents and educators. It's a program of Society for Science & the Public. Sep 04,  · Breaking science news and articles on global warming, extrasolar planets, stem cells, bird flu, autism, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution -- the latest discoveries. provides the latest news on earth science, climate change.

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Image by International Ocean Discovery Program. GeoGirls Explore Mount St. Helens, examining lava outcrops and volcanic sediment. Image and caption by USGS. The U. September 12 TED Talk. September 10 CNN. There has not been enough pipeline capacity to move the gas out, and with that glut, recent prices have been very low, earth science current events articles. A Hurricane in the Bay earth science current events articles Fundy?

You can see a Google query for "Bay of Fundy hurricane" here. Previous storms through the Bay of Fundy have scoured the surface sediments from the intertidal flats, disrupting and killing organisms that live in and on the sediment. Delivering the Second Wave of U. September 6 Geology. The LNG is carried in the ship's four dome-shaped tanks. They Have a Method for Surviving Hurricanes. September 5 CNN. How to Discover Dinosaurs September 5 Smithsonian. These geysers regularly blast out plumes composed mainly of water vapor with minor amounts of nitrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide.

NASA image. Interactive Map of Active Mines in Arizona August 31 Arizona Geological Survey The sample map above shows the geographic location of aggregate and crushed stone producing sites in Arizona. The map also has the ability to show locations of building stone, cement and lime, cinder, gemstone, gypsum, metal, uranium, earth science current events articles, and other industrial mineral operations.

That Could Be Good News. August 31 NBC News. The data sent by the spacecraft revealed in-depth views of the storm, including detailed heavy rain, cloud height and wind. Stromboli Volcano - Italy August 30 Geology. The sensors are housed in vented steel pipes a few inches wide and about a foot long.

They are being installed on bridges, piers, and other structures that have a good chance of surviving the storm. The information the sensors collect will help define the depth and duration of a storm surge, as well as the time of its arrival and retreat.

That information will help public officials assess storm damage, discern between wind and flood damage, and improve computer models used to forecast future floods. Since then, the observatory has been lifting the veil on the wonders of the cosmos, from our own solar system to faraway galaxies, using infrared light.

Image and caption by NASA. It is expected to pass near Puerto Rico and the U. Virgin Islandsthen move on over the Bahamas, and possibly to the east coast of Florida by Monday morning. Click the image above for the current track map. Coal Through a Microscope August 29 Geology. The large yellow object in the center of this image is a spore - a reproductive cell of the coal-forming vegetation. It is about two millimeters long. The thin red bands running horizontally across this view are thin shreds of preserved woody material.

The tiny yellow and orange particles are smaller spores and algal debris. The black material is either charcoal or opaque mineral matter. This coal does not contain a lot of well-preserved wood, earth science current events articles. Instead it is mostly charcoal and mineral debris.

Geological Survey. It has a specific gravity of less than one and will float on water. It is about five centimeters two inches across, earth science current events articles. The result will be a hail of rocks and a dust cloud that can travel a very long distance.

In this video a bus can be seen outrunning an advancing dust cloud in the lower left corner of the screen. Growth in U. During this time, the Sun can interrupt radio transmissions to spacecraft on and around the Red Planet. When Does Weather Become Climate? The True Colors collection consists of more than polished diamonds of fancy colors and various shapes.

The collection includes such remarkable diamonds as Hurt IPAC. There may be various reasons for this: They want to avoid potential liability, they simply don't want people on their land, they want the agates for their own personal use, or the agates are valuable. Believe it or not, some agates sell earth science current events articles a lot of money. Saturn displays its familiar banded structure, with haze and clouds at various altitudes.

The magnificent rings, at nearly their maximum tilt toward Earth, show subtle hues which indicate the trace chemical differences in their icy composition.

Colored Diamonds: Diamonds can occur in a variety of beautiful colors. Natural Gas Deliveries to U. The dominant organism - a Microcystis cyanobacteria - produces the toxin microcystin, which can cause liver damage, numbness, dizziness, earth science current events articles, and vomiting.

On July earth science current events articles, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration NOAA reported unsafe toxin concentrations in Lake Earth science current events articles and have since advised people and their pets to stay away from areas where scum is forming on the water surface.

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